What is a Food Forest?

why we decided to focus our efforts in creating them!

Imagine a natural flourishing forest with trees of various sizes, shrubs and climbers, wild animals and insects all working together to create a varied and sustainable harmonious ecosystem, without a need for irrigation, insecticides or artificial fertilization.

A food forest is a planned agricultural forest that sustains itself as a natural ecosystem, based on a variety of beneficial species.

With an integrated intensive water conservation system, the forest will require less and less human attention as it grows and will enhance its productivity of healthy and nutritious ready to pick foods.

A food forest system also prevents soil erosion, enriches groundwater and significantly diversifies the biological habitat.


In This video is one Permaculture orchard we can drive inspiration from and learn from it’s example. we recommend watching his movie.

Our friends and source of inspiration

from Kidron Food Forest

at 5 Years of growth:




The forest is a highly diversified biological system – one of the richest natural systems in fact.

As such it’s also a very stable ecological system, mainly due to the multiple relationships that exist between its different members/ inhabitants- trees,other  plants, fungi, animals etc.

All these weave a complex heterogenous net that  strengthens and consolidates the system which becomes more stable as its members multiply, thus weaving a stronger heterogeneous net.

Diversity yields strength and resistance thus helping the forest to overcome challenging conditions such as water and nutrient shortage, exterior disturbances  etc.

Food forests are man made ecological- agricultural systems which aim at mimicking natural forests while yielding edible fruits and vegetables.

Pine trees and oaks are replaced by diversified trees and plants with a diversity of fruits,  leaves, roots and other edibles.

The forest environment is harmonious and nurturing, welcoming with calming and shading effects due to the tree’s branches and the multitude of animals and other living creatures, most of which are hidden from the eye.

The underground wood holds the most closely guarded secrets, with a biomass that’s up to eight times the above- ground biomass.

Planning a food forest requires humility, respect and a close observation of the natural complexity of forests.   

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Currently, we need volunteer boots on-the-ground in Koren Food forest next to kibbutz Hagoshroim.


If you would like to be involved, please contact us to share your ideas on how you would like to join and help. 

Together we are transitioning into a sustainable future, restoring and protecting our delicate eco-system.


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